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AUDIOSCAM 3 - 2014 E.P.

     When Abbattack, the hard-rock renditions of songs made famous by Abba, was released on Australian Sun Records in 2008 it was a mesmerizing mix of famous melodies given a new perspective.   "Knowing Me, Knowing You,"  "Waterloo," "S.O.S.," "Ring Ring" and others were heard in a unique and very fun way.

   Then came 2011's When The Money's Gone E.P. with original music from the group, "Closing in on Midnight," "Different Eyes," "That Other Guy" and the title track distributed to radio stations in America as well as down under.

   Now Audioscam 3 is making its debut in May of 2014.  We spoke to Audioscam's Brian Pitcher about the new release.


JD: Brian, where did you record Audioscam 3?

 Brian Pitcher: I think that every musician/songwriters goal is to have control over their music and the way it's presented to the public. With that in mind, I started to build my studio and knowledge of recording many years ago.

I did the demos for Abbattack which formed a large portion of the finished CD.

For "When The Money's Gone" I recorded all of the tracks but had someone else mix and master them. For this recording Brad Wallace and I decided to do all of the recording, mixing,and pseudomastering ourselves.

JD: I've never heard of "Pseudomastering. What is it?

Brian Pitcher: Brad is in the middle of a very comprehensive mastering course. Pseudomastering is basically mastering the recordings ourselves to get a picture of what the mastering studio will hear when we send them our stereo mixes to be "professionally mastered". This was a very useful step and did have some major ramifications on how I mixed the tracks.

So, I engineered the recordings and mixed them. Brad did the pseudomastering. We both are responsible for the "production and arrangements" of our songs.

JD: Who did the second phase of the mastering?

Brian Pitcher: The final mastering was done by Leon Zervos at Studios 301 ,Sydney, Australia.
Leon has mastered for Maroon 5, Crowded House, Rhianna, Dream Theater, Madonna, The Living End and many more.


JD: What's the new CD about?

Brian Pitcher: Audioscam 3, self explanatory. We're happy to have made it this far ! A lot of artists don't get
the opportunity to record 3 CD's 

 1 Bridgetown Girls
                          This was written a few years ago, but, now that I control my recording I was finally able to do it the way I've always heard it in my head. I wanted to keep it as simple and open sounding as possible.
A little calypso influence is in there. A reference to my birthplace in Barbados. It is really just a thank you to all the people who made the time I spent in Barbados so happy. It should really be called Bridgetown People, but, that just doesn't have the "ring " to it that BTG's does.

JD: What's the instrumentation?

Brian Pitcher: I played drums, guitars,ukelele, and did the vocals

Brad played Bass and keyboards
JD: And the second of the four tracks?

Brian Pitcher:

2 Hello

          Ever been walking down the street minding your own business, and, had a stray dog come up to you? His tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, big goofy grin on his face, just looking for a friend !
That's how this started !

It evolved to include people as well. A smile says a lot. Sometimes more than words.
I played drums,acoustic guitar and did the vocals Brad played bass and keyboards Ross Wilson played guitar
Ross Wedding also played guitars. The nice jangly ones in the chorous,bridge and outro 
JD: "Thank You" is not the Jimmy Page/Robert Plant song from 1969's Led Zeppelin II.  How did you construct your "Thank You" 45 years after Zep's?

Brian Pitcher:

3 Thank You

I'll let Brad tell you about Thank You.Thank You as the name suggests was written as an acknowledgement of gratitude. I was adopted from an early age and regard that twist of fate to be my luckiest break in life.

Sorrowfully, some of my immediate family are no longer with us. The lyrical content of the song delivers a simple message around unconditional gratitude and everlasting memories.
Brad  I can tell you that mixing the guitars for this was nothing short of a nightmare.

Never tell a guitar player that he can have as many tracks as he wants !!!!
Brad played bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards and did all the vocals
Ross Wilson played guitars I played drums and tambourine.

4 Awayo

            I was trying to achieve a sparseness of instrumentation and hopefully a bit of an "African" sound.  I love the sounds that African players get on Western instruments and the techniques that they develop to play them.

Believe it or not, this is a political statement. 
Politicians !!  They sure no how to take care of themselves and screw everybody else. I liken them to mosquitos. Blood sucking parasites. It's nice to see them screw themselves every now and then.

That one of yours who was sending nude selfies of himself, one of ours so deep in bribes and insider type deals even he couldn't lie his way out of it.
The bridge is a little more open and could be a boy/girl type of thing. Still, every now and then a pollie comes along and you think" maybe this ones different" You put some belief in them and, theyinvariably let you down. They all suck ! Same self centered animals , just using different names/parties.

I played drums, acoustic guitar vocals and percussion.

Brad played bass,

Ross Wilson played Guitar. If I close my eyes when I listen to this, I see some African dude in the studio, playing his heart out. Ross did an awesome job to achieve the sound/effect I was looking for.

JD: Thanks for giving us some insight into the new CD, Brian.
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